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I am a special education lawyer who focuses on helping children with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other disabilities with their special education needs and school disciplinary actions.

Providing legal advocacy for children with disabilities throughout Michigan

Get The Help You Need Understanding Your Family’s Options

I am a special education lawyer with over 40 years of experience protecting the rights of Michigan families. If you are looking for a special education lawyer, I will help you understand your options and rights, and answer your questions. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 is one of the  primary federal and state laws that protects the rights of students with disabilities and special needs.

A focus of my practice is helping children with special needs obtain the education they need to live their best life. I have experience helping students with special needs, including those with:

  • Autism spectrum disorders/Aspergers
  • Learning disabilities
  • Emotional impairments
  • Deafness, deaf/blind and hard of hearing
  • Blind and visually impaired
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Dyslexia

The hurdles are many, but with the right attorney, the challenges of your child getting an appropriate education are not insurmountable. I can help you and your family make sure your child gets access to the programs and special education services they deserve.

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Helping You Help Your Children

Children with special needs often unfairly experience a high level of discipline at school and expulsion from school. I protect the rights of students in public schools – with or without specials needs – in fairly and justly addressing:

  • Truancy
  • Disciplinary action
  • School expulsions

Mainstreaming and inclusion are often difficult for educators who are not used to managing a full classroom and students with special needs. But this does not mean your child has to get lost in the education system. I have the knowledge, compassion and experience to help you help your children.

Dedicated. Caring. Empathetic.

As a state review officer, I was instrumental in a landmark decision for Michigan that a child with Down syndrome had a right of full-time inclusion in a regular education kindergarten classroom with appropriate support. My decision was affirmed by the United States District Court in Michigan.